Ethical Eating–What We Consume, What We Waste

[Some thoughts from a recent conversation.]

MLE’s been a self-labeled “pizza crust snob” for most of her life; unless it tasted especially good, it went in the compost, or far more likely, in the bin. She’s been trying to change that as part of her effort to be more mindful of what she eats and to waste less.

Other thoughts on food snobbery and wastefulness came up in our discussion. What about:

  • Eating something else because you just don’t feel like what’s available and needs to be eaten sooner and thus, what needed to be eaten goes off.
  • Throwing away the ends of a loaf of bread (the heels) or cutting off the crusts.
  • Not buying a can of food because it has a dent in it or the label has a tear.
  • Neglecting to follow the adage, “Take what you need and eat what you take.”
We’re not trying to preach here (we’ve done each of the things listed above), and of course, this list certainly isn’t exhaustive. But it’s something to think about. What’s so awful about eating the heel of a loaf of bread? Maybe try not cutting off the crusts, eat the heel, eat the pizza crust and be thankful. Be thankful and yet also mindful; not only of those who don’t have even a bread heel to eat, but mindful also of the whole process of how that bread (or pizza crust, or whatever) got to the point where you are now presented with the option of eating it.

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