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MLE’s Breakdown of The Avengers Characters

Okay, here it is:

Thor–Seems like he should be more useful. But he’s pretty and ripped, so he gets a pass. But really, step up your game or you’re out.

Banner/Hulk–While I really liked Edward Norton’s Hulk and was hoping he’d reprise his role, Mark Ruffalo was superb. How he carried himself, talked, everything was spot on. I didn’t like how the movie transitions from rage-blind Hulk on the airship to a Hulk that can be reasoned with, follow directions, and basically be in way more control, without out ever explaining this change. Weird.

Romanov/Black Widow–While still over-sexualized (and come on, the lone woman is the spy and the one who manipulates to get what she wants?), still she does have some cool moves, but she gets pistols. Big deal. The cops have guns. But what do you expect? As a character, I like her and she’s better than Super Girl or Cat Woman, or whatever that crazy Carmen Electra one was. There could have been more character development with her, but even more so with…

Hawkeye–We saw him just a little bit in Thor. There doesn’t really seem to be much reason for his existence. His specialized quiver and arrows are cool, but there is really no reason for people to connect with his story because we have no idea what it is. He’s just kind of there. And that’s sad.

Stark/Iron Man–I like him as a character. I think he’d be exasperating and unpleasant in real life.

Captain America–He’s all the good stuff we like to associate with the 1940s. And that’s completely endearing.

 Nick Fury–Samuel L. Jackson is the balls. Done. He makes this movie cool.


Agent Coulson–Yes, here it is. I think Agent Coulson is my favorite character. I got through the rest of the movie telling myself maybe Director Fury was just saying they’d called his death, or maybe it was a clone. They can’t kill Phil! What?! *crestfallen*

Loki–Killed Phil, so, we’ll just leave it at that.

Who’s my favorite Avenger? Hulk, followed by Captain America, then Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, then Hawkeye.  .  . I think.

(Want to laugh heartily? Head over to The Editing Room. They’ve given The Avengers script their treatment.)


Featured: Wake Up by The Roots and John Legend

Wake Up
Mix the funky sounds of The Roots and the smooth vocals of John Legend. Listen. It will take you there. We concluded that if God had kept working on the seventh day, this would have been created. Or maybe, God needed to rest up to work up to this level of amazing. Or maybe, this was created on the sixth day and it blew God’s mind and thus the need to rest. Regardless, it’s totally awesome (unless you don’t like funky stuff, then you probably won’t like it).
The song selection excited us as much as the artists performing them. The Roots and Legend covered songs of social justice from the ’60s and ’70s; reshaping them with quality and imaginative style.

Oh. Yes. They. Did.

Featured–Do It Anyway: The New Generation of Activists by Courtney E. Martin

Courtney E. Martin’s Do It Anyway (Beacon, 2010) is completely engrossing. In it, Martin tells the stories of eight young adults (and some of her own) and their efforts to make the world a better place. Each section is about 25 pages, but again, engrossing, so it’s a pretty quick read. It’s inspiring and thought-provoking. A good read for any activist wannabes, especially us young adults.

Go to the book’s website to watch video clips from Martin and the other activists.

You can also click on the “Discuss” page on the website for some great questions and exercises for further individual or group exploration.

The introduction was what hooked me. You can read the introduction here.

On a personal note: As I was checking the new arrivals section of our local library, I just happened upon this book. Or maybe it found me. As I read about the experiences, thoughts, struggles, etc. of these young adults, I found myself going, “yeah, I totally get that!”

It can be lonely at times. The burden of care and responsibility can be crushing. Dwelling with the world, seeking to know–rather than choosing not to know–it can be overwhelming. So many ways to help, but where to start? What’s most pressing? Where/how am I most useful? Reading this book has offered me some hope and some insights from more veteran trouble/peace makers. Even when you don’t know all the answers, even when you mess up, even when you wonder if you’re really making a difference, do it anyway.